We want you to have a super easy and pleasant time shopping on Storkist. As we are a new website, our policy is going to be evolving to better serve you. Making or receiving returns should be a scary process so we have tried to lay out a simple yet fair return policy for everyone using our website.

Since Storkist is a community, we encourage the sellers to display a clear return policy based on our terms and conditions on their profile and we request our buyers to first reach out to the seller to resolve the issue. If a refund/return agreement is reached or you are unable to come to an agreeable resolution then contact us using the contact form. We will then do our due diligence and speak to both parties before coming to the best decision.

To help us come to a decision please send the following things:

  • A detailed description of the problem.
  • Seller name, your order number, and the name of the item.
  • Tracking information.
  • Photos of what you received.
  •  Any other photos or screenshots that may help in the investigation

Reasons to initiate a return

  1. Item received is not the one ordered.
  2. Item was misrepresented.
  3. Item arrived broken/damaged

Please note that at this time any request for returns due to buyer choosing the wrong size, not liking the product is left to the seller. Please contact the seller within the 14-day deadline to resolve the issue

If you have any questions or suggestions that may help improve our policy, we would love to hear from you. Reach out to us.